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Hello and welcome to another edition of Priorities USA Friday Hot Takes! It seems like every week gets worse for the GOP establishment, and this week was no different. Following a brutal Saturday night debate the Washington Post reported that “the GOP is instead at risk of tearing itself apart over its past as it heads into the thick of the primary season. A day after a debate marked by a series of personal, petty exchanges…Republicans were grappling with their core beliefs on a host of issues, as well as the image they were broadcasting to the country… The increasingly harsh discussions of these and other issues amount to an existential crisis within the Republican Party and reflect the growing influence of non-ideological, populist voters who have flocked in particular to Trump’s nationalist “Make America Great Again” message… the coming weeks will test not only who is most popular in South Carolina but whether the ties that have bound the GOP for a generation will unravel entirely.”

With Donald Trump continuing to run amuck “over the GOP’s corpse” and once more pondering a third-party run while Republicans prepare for a brokered convention, it appears things will get even bleaker for Republicans as primary season continues. To the news…

MARCO RUBIO’S RECORD OF DOING HIS JOB IS A JOKE. It’s no secret that Marco Rubio doesn’t like showing up for work and believes public service is nothing more than a tool to satisfy his out of control political ambition, but two new stories popped yesterday that might be the most damning of all. The Washington Post reports that after securing a spot on Florida’s 9/11 committee while in the state legislature, “Rubio did not give the job the attention that legislative leaders expected. He skipped nearly half of the meetings over the first five months of the panel’s existence, more than any of his colleagues, according to Florida legislature records. He missed hours of expert testimony and was absent for more than 20 votes — prompting the state House speaker who had given him the assignment to express concern.” And as we know from his worst voting attendance record in the Senate, this pattern of not doing his job continued in the federal government, but a new look at Rubio’s committee attendance by the Tampa Bay Times shows a “sweeping review of all committees Rubio has sat on since taking office in 2011 paints a bleak picture of participation in the day-to-day responsibilities of the job.Rubio is on the Foreign Relations, Intelligence, Commerce and Small Business and Entrepreneurship committees. The Florida Republican has missed 68 percent of hearings, or 407 of 598 for which records were available.” Next time Marco Rubio touts his foreign relations committee work, remember he skipped a stunning 60% percent of those hearings,

PERHAPS THAT’S WHY HE CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CANADA AND THE U.S. A new Rubio ad embarrassingly uses the Vancouver skyline while attempting to reignite Ronald Regan’s “morning in America” sentiments. Oh, and of course the ad is completely and totally false. Anyway, here’s Rubio’s week:

Washington Post: Rubio secured a spot on a 9/11 committee. Then he skipped many of the meetings.

Tampa Bay Times: Marco Rubio touts Foreign Relations work but, review shows, he missed 60 percent of hearings

Buzzfeed: Opening Shot In Rubio’s “Morning Again In America” Ad Appears To Be Canada

CNN: Marco Rubio’s ‘America’ ad features Vancouver skyline

Reuters: O Canada! Rubio campaign ad featuring Vancouver stirs derision

PRIORITIES LAUNCHES NEW RADIO AD IN GEORGIA. Priorities USA launched a new radio ad today featuring Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed underscoring his support for Hillary because he knows Hillary is the only candidate for President who has consistently supported real solutions to gun violence, and has a strong commitment to criminal justice reform. The ad was first reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Listen: “Who To Support

ENDORSEMENTS FLOOD IN FOR HILLARY. Major papers across the country got behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the democratic nomination. Here’s a sample. Clinton is the best choice for Democrats

Las Vegas Sun: Why we support Clinton for the Democratic nomination

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination

Dallas Morning News: Editorial: We recommend Hillary Clinton for Democratic presidential nomination

THIS WEEK IN GOP INFIGHTING. It’s getting ugly out there as Republicans become increasingly desperate in their attempts to derail Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

Washington Post: GOP candidates savage one another in last debate before S.C. primary

Politico: Trump bludgeoned in nastiest GOP debate yet

New York Times: In Republican Debate, Jeb Bush Attacks Donald Trump

Washington Post: Donald Trump unloads on Ted Cruz: ‘Liar,’ ‘dishonest’ and ‘unstable’

Bloomberg: Republicans Are Already Tearing Each Other Apart Over Scalia Successor Fight

CNN: Cruz-Rubio feud heats up in South Carolina

RealClearPolitics: Trump Campaign’s Pierson: 9/11 Hijackers Trained In Florida While Jeb Bush Was Governor

Politico: Bush hammers Rubio on lack of foreign trips to U.S. combat zones


Washington Post: Bernie Sanders’s attack on reality (Ouch)

AP: Cruz and His Collision with the Facts (Nobody likes Ted Cruz)

Politico: Rubio holds ‘town halls’ — with no audience questions (Robots aren’t self-aware)

Wall Street Journal: Sanders’s Record, Filings Show Benefits From Super PACs, Links to Wall Street Donors (Hmm….)

Washington Post: For Ted Cruz, the 2013 shutdown was a defining moment (And if he’s the nominee, it will continue to be)

Politifact: Rubio exaggerates in saying it’s been 80 years since a ‘lame duck’ made a Supreme Court nomination (Another Rubio lie)

Buzzfeed: Sanders Campaign Missteps With Influential Nevada Union And DREAMers Anger Activists (Yikes)

Washington Post: Man shouts ‘waterboard Hillary!’ and Rubio doesn’t rebuke him (Profile in courage, Marco)

TWEET OF THE WEEK: This week’s tweet of the week goes to the Huffington Post’s Igor Bobic who tweeted this:


Have a great weekend.

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