The One Back To The Future Failed Prediction Everyone is Missing

The one thing people are missing about back to the future and the predictions…

Everybody is talking about HOVER BOARDS ad THE CUBS!
But missing this..

NEWSPAPERS… ARE (for the most part) IRRELEVANT.

People get their news online and from broadcast.

But subscriptions to actual physical papers are dropping like Marty cruising on his hover board over water!

Is that good or bad?


It’s only how YOU choose to see it.

Life is constantly changing.


It’s the nature of the universe.

It’s your job to adapt.

Roll with it.

And much of your own personal or professional ability to is determined by your very own mindset or perspective.

How do YOU see the world?

When you look at obstacles do you see opportunity?

Are you willing to transform your very own pain into purpose?

Can you find the blessings in your burdens?

If the answer is “Yes.”

Then, you’re living “Life On Purpose.”