The Heart of the Matter

This is what its like, when you lose everything important to you.

When I was young, I met David. He was bright, caring, energetic, full of hope, and inspiration. As a songwriter, he was my muse for the last 15 years. He was the love of my life as well. I, at one time, vowed to always be there for him, and he did as well for me. Then we fell in love as teenagers. Thats when I knew, that he was my soulmate, the one I could never live without. As our relationship distanced, it wasn’t long until I started looking for someone else. However to this day, no one I’ve met has filled that void, and very well may never.

Years later aftet the split, we came together again, and again, and when I discovered he was selling himself, I was pissed. No matter how much I told him not to, he would keep doing it.

If he ever reads this, it will be a miracle, cause after all these years, he has shut me out, and has come to despise me.

For what? I’m not sure. All I know is that I may have lost my hope to live. It is apparent, as losses keep coming my way. In the last two years, I lost my own mother, and had to go to even Homeland Security, The White House, the FBI and several other places to try and get justice. No one has started an investigation into the numerous crimes against me, or even notified me, which have sparked a chain of wrongs, repetitive efforts numerous in themselves, and have had to deal with the affliction, all on my own.

Apparently, David knows what all the other government agencies know as well — I’m not worth the time.

I’ve been heard, and not understood. This has caused an unendless cycle of all sorts of issues, which must end.

To know that the government has neglected to perform their essential duty makes me beyond angered, especially since it has happened time and again.

To know that the United States, I live in, cannot protect me from threats foreign or domestic, and makes me wonder, if they are able to fully protect everyone. I wonder, how much more progress can be made, to neglect a lifelong victim, and the masses?

I understand the policies in place, but how long does it take to ruin a life? A mere second, and everything changes.

One life, one love, one hope, one fate, one me, one world, one dream, and all of that seems lost. I am anything but the symbol of what America once stood to be, unified, now divided, by even a political voting system, race, religion, creed, sex, orientation, opinion, all in question.

How can we be diversified, if we are divided? How can people strive, when we have others who want to defile, derail, sabotage and steal the dreams of others, taking their hope, depriving them of the dignity America once stood for?

Lincoln once said, “A house divided cannot stand, a country divided will fall”. We have not listened to a man that is held high among those in history, and have consistently struggled, paying the price all the way.

What I’m saying is this: People, do not forsake, and abandon those in need. My heart has ached for a whole year and a half now, almost two years, because I was forced to follow Judgement instead of Forgiveness. It has hurt my now weak heart, and caused much insanity, and the loss and disarray has caused me much more than losing hope. It has been detrimental to recovery.

Many people do not understand. I just ask those of you that do, do something, and do it to bring about a better future, not a worse one, than we have presently.

We have leaders wanting to wage war, we have conflicts arising, new threats emerging, danger around every corner.

In the end though, who do we support to be leaders of the countries we live in?

The Answer:

All leaders and officials are chosen by the will of God, or by deciet. Those of good heart will disregard the lies, and deciet of propaganda, and elect those serving a greater purpose than any man can claim rights to, and the wicked will destroy, and enable the spread of evil, lies, war, and everything in the name of destruction. Only with patience and grace can the wicked be subdued, or even walk free, with inaction from people in power, and in positions of authority. It is those in positions as such that lie, and decieve, to please the wicked that we cannot continue to support.

That is the heart of the matter. We cannot tolerate inaction, and irrespobsibility.