What getting a head tattoo taught me.

Tattoos in the last few years aren’t as taboo as they once where. I’ve had many tattoos put on my body since I was 17 years old and don’t plan on stopping. Now 28 years old and overly self-aware I realize why I have always been drawn to the permanence that is tattooing.

Head tattoos are arguably the highest on the pain scale of tattoos. The pain is almost part of the enjoyment of getting them. During my head tattoo the sensations of pain and euphoria where amazing. I was sweating, eyes wincing and shaking toward the end all the while I had a friend filming and I was talking to everyone. I believe my life of anxiety and depression lead me in this direction. I am a firm believer in “Your outside world is a reflection of your inner world.” My inner world is very high energy, anxious, dark, aggressive and at times asphyxiatingly chaotic. though I keep it together. My tattoos over the years have been an expression of my inner dialog, whether my beliefs in God or lack there. My love of music and certain scenery. I have inked my skin with it to display it outwardly.

My head tattoo was something I have ‘fought’ getting for many years… I say fought because I want to be covered in tattoos. I’ve always been scared to move on to my hands, fingers or head…. but I took the leap of faith and got it. The response from family, friends and bosses/coworkers was absolutely amazing. Something I did for myself and I loved so much other people loved just as much.

My head tattoo taught me a valuable lesson in perception and risk and reward. Though I’m sure any of you reading this may not fully understand why and I don’t have time to dive heavy into my soul to share that… but it solidified the power of choice in my life and who I want to be and how I wish to look regardless of judgment.

… I guess I am writing this for anyone out there scared to take their leap of faith just because they don’t see the net. … Jump and make good decisions (for you) and have faith in yourself and life will continue to be great..

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