What’s up everyone

I titled this Pilot because this is like the “Pilot” / Intro / test run for this medium thing. I was thinking about it, and I’ve never really wrote (typed) anything that wasn’t for school, so I wanted to give this a test.

My name is Justin, and I am 20 years old. Cool right.

So I was born in New Orleans, LA and I lived there for 18 years before moving to Houston to attend the University of Houston. When I moved to Houston I fell in love with making videos, and creating things. This is the pilot so I am not being very detailed right now. I will share details and cool stories later.

Currently I make daily videos on my YouTube channel which you can watch and SUBSCRIBE to @ www.youtube.com/nitsuJvlogs

The daily content that I make are vlogs.

I get distracted a lot, and this PILOT is very random, and unorganized. I’m sure my future posts will be better. Maybe.

Anyway with these medium posts I don’t have a schedule or anything of when I will be posting. It will be pretty random, and whenever I feel like it. With these posts I hope that I can inspire you in some way. So stay tuned because I think it will be pretty dope.

Stay tuned.


Written(Typed) on January 24, 2017 @ 7:17PM

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