100 Ways to Cut Down on Screen Time or die trying

Time to wake up.

100 ways to eliminate screen time is in my list. It starts with me and it starts right now.

I woke up this morning with both my IPAD and my IPhone within a few feet of my bed.

I truly am getting better, right? However, evidence shows that there is no way that I can put down the devices today, especially on a work day.

Here is a list of 100 ways to cut down on screen time and to do so quickly.

This was inspired by a New York post article which scared me senseless about the impacts of screen time on kids — http://nypost.com/2016/08/27/its-digital-heroin-how-screens-turn-kids-into-psychotic-junkies/


an article at Natural Papa that touted the virtues of doing lists of 100 — http://naturalpapa.com/fatherhood/100-ways-to-be-a-better-father/

If we want our kids to cut back, it starts with us and starts now.

1. Carry a clipboard and pen around. There is something very satisfying about putting pen to paper.

2. Cut out one device. I own a laptop, iPAD and a laptop and have found myself packing all three at times. Really?

3. Create a list of 5 things you can grab that are healthy before grabbing your device. How about a glass of water? How about a push up? Delay the time between the knee jerk reaction and getting the device.

4. Do it for the kids. This whole exercise started because I want my kids to have less screen time. However, I have to be a role model first or, at least at the same time.

5. Replace video with audio. Yeah, audio still requires a device, but it is a step in the right direction.

6. Enlist an accountability partner to limit with you.

7. Focus on screen free time as opposed to eliminating the screen. Remind yourself that you were without a device for 30 minutes as opposed to reminding yourself that you were close to a device for 15 hours and 30 minutes today.

8. Start using the Pomodoro method and take walks during your five minute breaks.

9. Buy real books as opposed to Amazon books.

10. Hug more. No evidence behind this one but it seems that human touch will remind us what we are missing by staring at a screen.

11. Attend a Meetup. Another opportunity to get around people.

12. Leave your phone behind when you go out to lunch.

13. Hang out with somebody over 80 or 90. Not sure at what age people are not addicted to the machines but go to the place where people do not have as much access to machines. A nursing home, maybe?

14. Go swimming. Tough to carry a device in the water.

15. Go for a long walk. Note: Pokemon Go does not count.

16. Create a list of 50 things you are grateful for with pen and paper.

17. Find a group meditation.

18. Pick up a coloring book and crayons.

19. Play Legos with the kids. I lifted this one from the article.

20. get rid of your unlimited data plan. I read that you can sell your plan for up to $2,000. I have no evidence that this is true or not but the possibility may be enough to push somebody over the edge. Admittedly, this would take a lot for me to do.

21. Trade in the smartphone for a flip phone for a bit.

22. Pick up a physical newspaper.

23. Get some magazines and do a physical collage.

24 — 100 to come. I figured starting the list will give me the motivation to do more. Please feel free to add your own in the comment section below.