Bringing the Dreams a Little Closer

I just had a thought that I was going to a hire a coach, a coach that would help me in determining exactly what my what is, the thing I was going to do.

The coach I had in mind is amazing and he charges $250 for an hours worth of work and works with a minimum of 12 sessions.

Well, how do I make that more accessible to me? I can purchase a book on the tools and tips that are taught and practice it myself.

Read and practice or listen to a podcast and practice.

It takes a few days to integrate that stuff and the results may be faster when I work with somebody else.

However, when you work internal first, the results stay forever.

Have a blessed day.

Here is what is up -

  1. Wake up
  2. Do Mirror Work
  3. Write this article
  4. Send it to email list

5. Post on Facebook

6. Meditate

7. Wake Zoey up

8. Shower

9. Drop off at school

10. Cancel meeting

11. PTO work

12. Podcast MBA

13. Carpal Tunnel

14. Dinner with Lan

15. Check cash, transfer cash and record

16. Weigh

17. 1 chapter of book

18. 2 push ups

19. Record food

20. Lan and Sunday

21. MDI Summary

22. MDI Call

23. Kindle for 5

24. Do List

25. Review Trello

26. Clean Room