Optimizing the Time Before Getting Out of Bed….

There was a commercial in the 90s for the Army with the tag line — Do more before 8am than most people do all day.

I am constantly in pursuit of the morning routine that allows me to have this experience.

Here is what this morning has looked like so far.

  1. Set the Insight Timer for 12 Minutes.
  2. Meditate for 12 minutes.

3. Journal about the experience of meditating. This morning I had some uneasiness around cash flow. There is something to do about that. Not sure exactly what but there is something to do.

4. Thanked those who meditated with. A simple and fun way to connect with others through the app.

5. Writing this post before getting out of bed. This allows me experience a sense of abundance and creation.

Here are some additional notes from this AM session:

Set Timer

Set the Insight Timer for 12 minutes -


Except from the journal -

Ok. There is a little knot in the stomach this morning around finance. How do I go about transforming that and improving the flow of cash into my existence every single day.

I could do a couple of things -

  1. Continue to meditate to remove the association with the stress and with the finance.

2. Join Learnvest to get some professional help.

3. Record myself doing the mantras around Ask and It Is given.

4. Get crystal clear as to what I owe, what the current situation is and what the future situation is.

5. Sell to aggressively work towards improving the current situation.

6. Put stuff out there to sell what you currently have an do not need.

Give Thanks