When the I don’t want tos outnumber the I want tos……

That’s where we are and that is what we create.

Time to bear down and do something new.

You can create something special or you can stay exactly where you are.

Lots of options. The devil you know is better than the devil that you do not know.

Really? Is that the play? There are infinite options out there and there are infinite options in here.

Ask for what you want so you can have the things that you do not currently have.

You are not building anything. You are just maintaining something that already exists.

Maybe there is some building and I don’t feel that I currently have options available to me.

Create options.

Create win win situations and let the World decide what you are going to do.

Can you work in a job wheee they get the summers off? That sounds like an amazing opportunity.

Why don’t you give that a try for? Do you want to be in a classroom?

That is not necessary. You can be someplace else and create something that you want.

Interesting choice and interesting idea.

It is all about brainstorming and it comes from the place of — How can I have what I want, irrespective of the considerations?

Build something now and have he benefit in the future.

90 days is a long time and 180 days is a longer time.

A lot can happen at that time and really the only thing between you and summer vacation is $12,000 cash and a few enrollment conversations.

Ask for what you want and create that which you may or may not have.

That is a totally reasonable request.

Make a trial request and go from there.

Start in the end of June and go until the end of August.

If you get what you want then you can stay where you are for a little bit.

Sounds reasonable and if they say no, then you can move onto something else.

Be transparent and be alive. Outsource the worry.

Outsource the concern and see what you can create.

Take your summer break and create huge.

Let’s go. Generate and create and build and generate.

You got this and a brand new context.

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