Three chords and a dream.

Sometimes that’s all music needs to help us accomplish extraordinary things like stopping wars, saving lives…and making babies.

And it’s been like this since the beginning.

Before we could speak, we could jam.

We made stones into drums, carved bones into flutes, and danced along to the universal language of music.

Today, we need music more than ever.

From lullabies to freedom songs, rap battles to national anthems, music is a powerful, contagious force for good.

And while some have built monuments, museums, and even temples in its name, we believe the best way to properly honor music is to allow it to be heard it all its glory.

Because even in mankind’s darkest hours, when we are most estranged from each other, we can always count on music to unite us.

To heal us.

To deliver us.

If we only take a moment to listen.