Choosing the Right Mountaineering Boots

Justin Marrus
Nov 11, 2019 · 1 min read

Justin Marrus serves Kings County, New York, as senior assistant district attorney handling cases involving armed robbery, narcotics, and firearms. Active outdoors, Justin Marrus enjoys mountaineering in his free time.

To ensure their safety on a climb, mountaineers should be equipped with the right gear, such as secure and comfortable boots. Mountaineering boots should fit well enough that they don’t slide backward or forward when negotiating a slope, while they shouldn’t be so tight that they inhibit circulation to the feet.

Quality mountaineering boots are waterproofed and insulated. Many people choose the single boot, which is made of synthetics, leather, or a combination of both. This boot is well suited to day trips.

Climbers on multi-day trips prefer plastic double boots. These feature removable inner liners, which absorb moisture and dry overnight. Made of dual-density polyurethane, these boots are the best option for those who opt for only one pair of boots.

Expedition mountaineering boots are designed for high altitudes, as they provide extra warmth and comfort. They are not needed on low-altitude climbs, so beginners rarely purchase them.

Justin Marrus

As senior assistant district attorney in New York’s Kings County, Justin Marrus tries a wide variety of criminal matters.

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