Cycling Across the Country is an Attainable Goal

Justin Marrus
Nov 15, 2019 · 1 min read

Justin Marrus has served as the senior assistant district attorney in Kings County, New York, since 2011. An avid outdoorsman, Justin Marrus successfully bicycled across the United States on his own.

While finishing a cross-country cycling adventure is an amazing feat, the experience may be more within your reach than you think. First, cycling is fairly inexpensive because you need only a bike and a helmet. Second, learning how to maintain a bike and make small repairs, such as changing a tube or putting the chain back on its track, is fairly easy.

Also, you don’t have to plan your route. If you’re interested in cross-country cycling, you can buy very detailed maps from the Adventure Cycling Association to guide you across the country. These maps include essential information such as mileage between points, where to find food, and many free places to camp.

If you want to make the trip, plan on at least two months to complete the 3,000-mile journey. Scenic coast-to-coast routes can stretch up to 4,500 miles and take nearly three months to complete.

Justin Marrus

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As senior assistant district attorney in New York’s Kings County, Justin Marrus tries a wide variety of criminal matters.

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