6 Things Designers are Tired of Being Compared To

Because we shouldn’t have to put up with the comparisons that have long plagued our industry.

Cthulhu: Cosmic entity of the Great Old Ones pantheon

While similarities exist, most scholars maintain at least a cosmetic distinction between this powerful totem of the occult and the average designer.

Literally a wet blanket

There’s the expression and then there’s the literal embodiment of a waterlogged bed linen. Even though the means by which this quilt was soaked has remained somewhat of a mystery, both are perceived as equally offensive by at least thirteen largely nomadic cultures. Steer clear of this comparison, if at all possible.

Super Bowl XLV

While a riveting rivalry between two accomplished teams, it’s been unanimously agreed upon that most of what designers do on a daily basis doesn’t directly involve an over 111 million viewership on a Sunday evening and is far from tax-exempt. Sorry, folks, this one’s just off the mark.

A Donal Trump hairpiece

There are admittedly similarities between some aspects of design and a toupée of the Presidential Not-So-Hopeful.

An old, wooden boat

By far, the most widespread confusion around the specifics of design has to do with its distinction from that of an aged seafaring vessel. Upon further inspection, you may actually notice a great many differences that are difficult to discern with the naked eye. Other industries, however, that share more in common with an old wooden boat include (but are not limited to) Shipbuilding, Ship-making, Ship-Putting-Together-ing, Boating (general classification).


We haven’t been like Steve since he moved to North Dakota and, frankly, the comparison is getting pretty old.

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