5 Communication Skills I’ve learned after Teaching 500+ Educational Videos

I’ve been uploading and sharing videos online for over a decade and have over 500 Educational Videos uploaded on my channel.

Through this process I’ve come to learn what people like and don’t like when I’m planning to teach a lesson. I hope through what I’ve learned about teaching and communicating I can help you become a better communicator in whatever type of video or field you are in.

These are 5 Tips I’ve found:

TIP 1: Get Rid of your verbal TICS

Common Tics include:

  • um, uh
  • like
  • just gonna go ahead and
  • and, or
  • but
  • you see

Every time you record yourself speaking make a conscious effort to notice your tics and eliminate them from your flow. Do not alter your authentic tone and self too much but get rid of the tics. You can delete them in post as well in the beginning.

TIP 2: Know your Material

This ties in with tip 1. Often times Tics are a way for us to pause while we think of what we want to say because we don’t know our material well enough. You don’t necessarily have to read from a script (I don’t) but practice, run through and know what you’re going to say well so you can effectively and efficiently deliver it and get through your main points. It helps if you don’t speak on what you don’t know.

Tip 3: Get to the POINT, not the exceptions.

There will always be exceptions to whatever you are saying. Your focus should be on teaching the foundation from point a to point b, the root to the tip of the tree, the main trunk of information first! You can address major exceptions briefly, and then answer individual concerns on a case by case basis, whether in the comments or “after class”. The exception to this would be if you are doing Q&A sessions or your focus is on the exceptions. Look into the 80 / 20 principle.

Tip 4: Cut the Junk! Keep it essential

This is where editing and post production can come in handy. Cut out all the parts where you messed up, repeated your self or backtracked. Cut out as much as you can without altering the main message and points. Assume your audience is smart, you can get right to the points without too much preamble and introduction, unless you are teaching very basics etc. People DON’T CARE about you or where you went on vacation or the funny story you have that relates to this for the most part. They want the Value they want, and to get on with their life. Personality is great but always GIVE more than you Take. Focus on the viewer / student.

Tip 5: Structure / organization: Say what you’re gonna do, do it, next.

The way I structure all of my videos is very straightforward. Hi my name is Justin Odisho, in this video I’m going to show you X. Then I show X step by Step. Then I recap very briefly and thank them for watching. People appreciate you not wasting their time.

That’s 5 communication tips I’ve learned over making 500+educational videos and sharing them over the past decade.

Thanks for reading / watching and you can check out more on my Youtube Channel and website.


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