If you were giving a commencement speech today who would you tell students to emulate?
Jon Westenberg — Startup Blogger ↗

I like this prompt a lot…

I wouldn’t ask the graduates to emulate anybody but I would ask them to believe in themselves. I believe people, especially younger ones, aren’t as confident as we give them credit for. They’re hard on themselves and face more challenges then ever in this country the I did as a graduate. Doubt and and fear must be present in their minds.

I would ask them to remind themselves of their guiding principles and think about how far they’ve come. What got them to this point? What barriers and fears did they overcome? Every single graduate would have something pop into their head.

I would strive to inspire them by reminding them it’s their dream and goals they’re about to go after and nobody else’s. They get to define what success is in their life.

Finally, I would ask them a simple question…

Who is the person in their minds they wish to emulate?

I’d tell them to go learn as much about that person (or even get to know them) as possible. Qualify the “why that person” and go!

Go be that person for somebody else!