Game of Thrones: Is it as good as everyone says it is?

I have always been told, “Watch Game of Thrones, it is a great show” and “Why haven’t you watched Game of Thrones yet?” I was finally able to watch Game of Thrones for the first time by renting the DVDs from the library. After watching only, the first two seasons, the show exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed every minute from the first episode to the last episode in the second season.

The show has multiple story arcs, so it’s hard to keep track of everyone in the show. However, the show redeems itself by having interesting story arcs and amazing character development. I have been told to not get attached to any characters because the show has a habit of killing characters off. There were some deaths I saw coming, but most of them caught me off-guard. This show has proved to me that it’s no ordinary show and anyone can be killed.

My favorite characters from the show, so far, are Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and Ned Stark. Arya Stark separates herself from all the women in show by playing with swords and wearing pants. She is a tomboy growing up in a medieval world. She defies the gender role that women are expected to play during that time and that is what makes her a great character. Tyrion Lannister is a clever man who makes a lot of jokes, but understands the importance in some situations. He uses his royal position to obtain what he wants and can talk himself out of situations. Ned Stark is an honorable man who wants to do good in the world. He doesn’t back down from adversity, but is clever enough to know his limitations. He sets a good example for men.

I’ve always heard Joffrey was a despicable character and now I finally understand. He does a lot of horrible actions and acts superior to everyone because he’s part of a royal family. He boasts about how great he is, but the second he faces confrontation, he backs down like a coward. I despise this character and I hope he gets his comeuppance for his actions.

One thing I found negative about the show was the nudity. Game of Thrones was direct about the scenes and nothing was subtle. Although it was uncomfortable at times, I was still able to enjoy the show.

Game of Thrones has many themes. One recurring theme is society and class. There are royal people and peasants. The show displays the struggle in the royal class and the lower class in the world. This display is similar in today’s society where we have the rich and the poor. Another theme is women’s rights. I have mentioned Arya Stark who is tomboy, but there is another woman in the show who traded a dress for armor. Her name is Brienne of Tarth. She is a knight who first appears in season two. She is first seen fighting against another knight. Although Brienne struggled with the fight, she overcame the knight and won.

Game of Thrones is amazing show with great characters and story. I now understand why people enjoy the show. The story keeps the audience engage with new problems rising every season. I will keep watching the show to see what will happen to the characters. I highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys medieval worlds and complex stories.

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