I feel old.
John Dean

Why does everyone always assume that a nation state needs to be either 100% capitalist or 100% socialist in these types of discussions?

What’s wrong with keeping a capitalist private sector for consumer goods while socializing health care and utilities?

What’s wrong with working a job where you’re paid for your worth while also knowing that you can go to the doctor any time you need to without a penny out of pocket?

What’s wrong with paying higher taxes for things like roads, health care, water treatment plants and the like? You’re going to spend money on these things anyways.

You need to understand that being a socialist does not mean being a communist. They are two distinct belief systems.

There are many people like me that believe that profit should not be a concern in industries that deal specifically with the health and well-being of human beings. We realize that having an open market rife with competition and innovation is important. However, we also believe that there are certain industries which are too important to be left unregulated.

We realize that the foundation of the United States is crumbling beneath us. We realize that the people holding the jack-hammers are the profiteering CEOs and multi-national conglomerates. It is in the best interest of the wealthy to ensure that the poor stay poor so that the wealthy may become even more wealthy.

We realize that individuals themselves are likely not the cause of these issues. Instead, it is a zeitgeist perpetuated by the bottom line.

The wonderful anecdote that you shared is really more about Stalinism than it is about any sort of socialism the West would benefit from.

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