Opportunity Knocks Often, Are You Answering?

Sharing from a post I wrote on LinkedIn —

I love this quote by Ben Franklin. It reminds me of how often we jump to conclusions without fulling understanding the situation or how the opportunity is packaged. Sometimes, we’ll jump to conclusions about a job offer or new career move in a way that protects us from taking a risk. Of course, we don’t look at it that way because we often rationalize our way into staying in the same old situation.

“Oh it’s not really that bad, I mean after all, they serve us free coffee! I’m saving tons of money on morning coffee!”

Next time an opportunity comes knocking, literally WATCH and listen to what you tell yourself by way of justifications to stay in one spot. It’s ridiculous. I know because in all seriousness, the one above example was one of mine in a distant past.

I know for me, I’ve had the bad habit of jumping to conclusions before fully hearing an opportunity out. In doing so, I’ve probably missed out on some awesome opportunities than I want to recall. :) I’ve learned that when an opportunity comes my way, to listen, to evaluate, to compare my lifestyle to the opportunity, notice any backwards rationalizations I may have to stay stagnate, and THEN come to a conclusion if it’s a good fit or not.

So the lesson is: Jump to explore opportunities as much as possible. You never know if it’s a good match and in-line with you until the offer or the details are fully understood. As you go forth in your career development and advancement consider the opportunities that are out there, and consider options before jumping to conclusions. It may save you from making a mistake!

I’m curious, is there an opportunity in your career development that you missed out on? Comment below and share!


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