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The number of drone operations in today’s airspace has increased significantly as drones become part of our lives. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there are over 1.5 million drones registered for commercial and recreational use in the U.S., a figure expected to grow exponentially in the next decade.

Although drones are becoming more popular, there’s a growing concern about the ability to carry out drone operations in different weather conditions. This is because drones are highly sensitive to changing weather conditions in low-altitude areas, which can potentially make drone navigation and coordination difficult.

This article dives into how…

These add-ons will make your life easier

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Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash.

The way we deliver software today has improved dramatically compared to a few years ago. Until 6-10 years ago, we had to physically buy the hardware component — namely a server on which to install the operating system — and then talk to the internet provider to give us a static IP to be able to place a site on the internet and make it public and accessible.

Today, we have cloud solutions. We have platforms such as DO and AWS, which are IaaS because they offer virtual private servers that represent virtual machines you can have access to and…

Unit tests are an indispensable part of the development process. Unfortunately, some programmers experience a hard time when writing good code for their tests. This is not because they lack knowledge, but because they introduce expensive complexity within their code, which makes their test code ineffective. While there is no single definition of clean test code, there are some things which are universal. For instance, clean tests should contain easily readable code. If the test code is easy to read, then it is easy to understand how it works and consequently, easier to find problems should the test fail.



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One common myth in the tech world is that Linux systems are completely secure and resilient to attacks, which is wrong. Of course, Linux is more secure compared to other platforms, but this does not put a mark on all sections of the security checklist. To ensure your system complies with the technical guidelines for Linux security, you should harden it to reduce vulnerabilities at all levels– from physical security measures to network and kernel-level configurations.

This roundup will walk you through security measures that can be used to protect Linux distributions for both servers and workstations. …

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Testing, over the years, has become an integral aspect of software engineering, and for a good reason: testing is how we know our software systems meet their specifications and perform as expected.

Various kinds of tests are carried out by software engineering teams around the world and these tests do fall into a couple of widely accepted categories.

Unit tests are the most common among software engineering teams as they help teams easily ensure a particular piece of code does what is expected of it and has no anomalies. …

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