Why did it take 27 years for ‘the truth’ to come out about the Hillsborough soccer stampede?
Nina Renata Aron

This harrowing picture was used to illustrate an interest in “sports” when I just registered for an account to make this comment. I join in the requests below to please remove it, it is beyond distressing. Your headline poses a question which your ‘article’ fails to answer. That newspaper’s lies were provided to them by the police force who unlawfully killed Liverpool fans and were supported in their cover-up by a complicit media and politicians. The families of the victims were further betrayed by a judiciary who accepted the police account. There is no equivalency between Hillsborough and Heysel or the fire at Bradford as your article might seem to suggest. I would refer anyone reading this to the many excellent articles by David Conn on theguardian.co.uk which will explain the actual facts to you.

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