Architecture That Gets My Motor Running

I’ve been in the Real Estate industry a whopping… 5 months (insert sarcastic ‘you’re a baby’ comment/laugh here). With more than a few bumps, I closed my first deal, am working on 2 others and am keeping my eyes open for opportunities for my fiance and I to “live the American dream” as well.

With every agent tour and property search, I’m analyzing homes — big, small, garage, yard, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, colonial, tudor, mediterranean. It got me thinking — what architectural styles do I like?

Each home is unique and has a story to tell. I especially appreciate homes that were built in the 1920's, 30's and 40's. I find the details in their window panes and the lines of their walls much more intriguing than those you see in the sterile homes built in the 80's and 90's.

Maybe it’s because I’m from Arizona; maybe it’s because I grew up vacationing in Mexico; or maybe it’s just because.

I love Spanish Colonial Revival architecture! Love, love, love.
My dream house.

More often than not, these properties boast beautiful and inviting entryways, sensible floor plans and simple details that allow you to mix ‘n match eras to your interior design heart’s content.

Typically built between 1915 and 1931, Spanish Colonial Revival homes share elements with the Mission Revival style. This style is characterized by the use of smooth plaster (stucco) walls, ornate chimney finishes, low-pitched or flat terra cotta-tiled roofs, small patios or balconies and wood-beamed ceilings.

My fiance and I saw a small Spanish Colonial style bungalow just the other day while on our way to a friend’s house in Alameda, CA.

Built in 1936. Alameda, CA
Note the beautiful brick detailing around the fireplace.

And so begins my journey of documenting the small but mighty details that inspire me.

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