Smart homing 2.0

The year 2014 is almost to an end. Lots of articles and trend reports say that the 2015 could very well be the year in which we all have robots at home and print our foods. Well I don’t think that printing our food will go that fast. But robots and other new technologies that will control our lives?

Today there are tons of examples that prove we live in ‘Smart Homes’. We can determine the temperature in our houses with our smartphones thanks to applications such as Honeywell — Total Connect Comfort. And our electricity thanks to Electrabel — Smart Enegry Box.

Honeywell — Total Connect Comfort

Cocoon is a Smart Home security system that can sense activity in your house. It has a self alarming system that uses the location of your phone to know when you’re home and when you’re away. When Cocoon senses movement at the time you’re not home, it could very well be a burglar (or your cat). So if it senses anything, it will send you a message so that you can decide wheter to sound an alarm, call the police or do nothing at all. The device will also remember what’s normal and what’s not, in order to avoid false alarms.

Cocoon — Smart device that protects your home

But there is more! With Blossom, Smart Homing is lift to a whole new level: Smart Gardening. Blossom lets you control your sprinklers from anywhere. In that way you can even conserve water and money!


And those technologies, innovations and applications will only increase! I do love them but they keeps raising concerns about our privacy. If everything happens with applications and online technologies, it could very well be hacked right? That’s something to think about in 2015. Happy New Year!

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