Justin Habaybeh: The man who is so successful

Justin Andrew Habaybeh is an entrepreneur who has set an example for others. He has set up one of the most successful businesses in his 20’s. He has been residing in Canada since the past 5 decades. He is a proud owner of the business Autoscrub now known as Carkera which has led him to help so many people, innovate their cars.

Justin’s company deals with the beautification of all kinds of vehicles including Minivans, Sports Utility Vehicles,Boats,Bikes and Trucks.

People are offered a varied range of services through this company including car wash and painting of the vehicle. Justin Habeybeh’s main source of strength and positivity are his mother Maha Habaybeh and maternal uncle Peter Habaybeh.

Maha Habaybeh works in the organization “Xcitelife”, owned by her brother, as a Director of Operations. The main line of operations in this business, is making people get the most out of their lives through extraordinary adventures and life changing lessons involving training of music to young children.

Justin Habaybeh is also a man of courage and strength owing to his upbringing by his mother Maha Habaybeh. Apparently she has taught her son values like perseverance and to fight all the odds in life.

The maternal family of Justin Habaybeh immigrated to Canada from Jordan. His maternal grandfather was a strong figure in the family who inspired his maternal uncle, Peter Habaybeh and his mother, Maha Habaybeh to realize their ambitions and made them nurture their entrepreneurial spirits.

Justin Habaybeh is now a successful entrepreneur in his own right and proved that once you have the determination, anything is possible. He is also just as kind as his uncle, Peter Habaybeh. The company Carkera has enlarged to such a large extent that its also offering the chances at dealership to prospective owners. Apart from individual vehicles, the company also handles the cleaning operations of a fleet of vehicles.

Its important to understand that the paradigm of precision followed by Carkera is exemplary. This has led to increase in the customer satisfaction and sales.

The company understands the needs of the times and one of the most avant-garde services provided by it is ceramic coating. This kind of coating makes sure that the cars are safeguarded from abrasions caused by the pollution and weather. Apart from abrasion, the coating also protects the precious paint of the car. So, the car is adequately protected against the damage during the rains with this water-resistant coating.

The vehicle does not require much cleaning because the ceramic coated paint is resistant to chemicals. The body of the car is also kept in the same condition for years due to this scratch resistant coating technology.

The company also provides these services with a warranty so that clients can get any rectification as and when the need comes up.Carkera is now a trusted name in the field of car detailing and cleaning services and the man behind that success is Justin Habaybeh. Justin is known for his familist ties with his mother, his siblings and his maternal uncle, Peter Habaybeh.

He is known for his transparent nature and affinity towards making people happier. Therefore, he is a happy individual and is living life to the fullest. He is known for his multiple skills and his diligence. The success of the business can be attributed to the penchant of Justin towards cars. This has made sure that the business is such a success because he is able to supervise the quality of work provided.

Justin Habaybeh is a role model for so many young Canadians who want to be just like him. His family members are also proud of him.

Justin Habaybeh has made a place for him in the Canadian society because he went that extra mile to make his dreams become reality. This guy is an ardent believer in his dreams because of his unique family values. This is the reason he never gave up even due to the obstacles faced by him which led to so much of success for him. However, still Justin Habaybeh has values of modesty in him despite his success. This is the result of his education and family environment.