Maha Habaybeh | Beauty with Brains

Maha Habaybeh is graduated from Durham College. She is the director of Operation at Xcite life. She wants the change she believes in; change of bringing womanism in their perception of beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness fix in a way designed to make them feel better about themselves. Maha Habaybeh currently lives in Canada.

Maha Teresa Habaybeh Advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs: Create a mastermind. I can’t emphasize enough though the importance of your peer group. Find other entrepreneurs and help each other out, bounce ideas around and get advice. You’ll learn from each other’s mistakes and have a peer group to help with the personal and professional things that come up. Added bonus: they’ll likely become dear friends too!

My son Justin Habaybeh and my brother Peter Habaybeh have supported me a lot in my business and humanity and known my inner perfection.