Peter Habaybeh: A Strong Canadian

Peter Habaybeh lives in Toronto, Ontario since his birth. Peter Habaybeh is a self made man and tried to overcome his obstacles to achieve the goals that he set in the beginning of his career. He went to George S. Henry Academy for schoolings. To be successful became his passion and day by day he worked very hard upon his work to achieve the desired goals. Peter Habaybeh is the owner operator of HG Contracting and DVP Developments.

“We try to give out our best of the experiences to our customers who come from various places and makes our day to see them happy, like Cindy said, We discovered Stand Up Paddleboarding last week and it’s the best thing ever.”- Peter Habaybeh

Xcite life provides experiences like,

  • Bonfire on the Beach


Relax and enjoy a bonfire with that special someone at a quiet and beautiful beach in the GTA. Everything will be set up for you, from the firewood, to the blankets, all you have to do is bring yourself. A gourmet meal and beverages will be included, there are even smores!

2) Art of Encaustic

Encaustic or hot wax painting involves using heated beeswax. Pigments are added to the beeswax for desired colours. This unique way of painting uses special brushes and metal tools to shape and manipulate the wax as it cools.

3) Discover the Guitar Star in You

Who doesn’t want their child to be a rock star in school? Music is good for the soul.

Students that study music do better overall in math and science. On top of this, there’s the added benefits of meeting new friends, working better in teams and developing the critical thinking skills required to succeed in today’s world.

The 5 letter word is “Music” people, but here’s the secret.

You’ve seen your kids latch onto games like Guitar Hero to live out their center stage rock star fantasy for hours on hours, but what if they actually learned to play that instrument for real. Seriously, no toy guitar, a real acoustic guitar and actually learn to play guitar. Now that’s cool, gaming and education, what kid wouldn’t love that.

There are lot more things that one can experience in the front and Xcite life helps you to be a part of those experiences. Peter Habaybeh and Maha Habaybeh believes in the words of Stephen King that Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.