Who wears a watch these days?

Sure there maybe a few us supporting a trendy retro Casio or perhaps the newest wizz bang smart watch strapped to our wrist but let’s face it the answer is relatively few of us these days. I asked, What happened…?

We have come of an age where the technology generally now ‘Just works’ and personally from all the Beta ‘innovative-detritus’ that used to clutter my world, it’s really quite a relief.

That funny looking little black brick we carry has literally changed and disrupted modern society from east to west and north to south poles and has certainly made the world somewhat smaller.

So wearables are still not Main Steam but they have been about a while. With the earliest wearable computer….an abacus carefully designed into a ring some 300 years ago is arguably the world first wearable and also made in China. We all know in tech land…..things rapidly move on and oh how they have.

These smart devices have singlehandedly been the biggest disruption in the 21st century. They are the lens that has enabled us to view the world in a very different way. The app is king and the phone rules. But what about the poor old watch you ask?

Back to my question in hand; The answer is obtusely obvious to all of us and it’s just called a phone and lives in our pocket, just like some of the first pocket watches invented in 1524 by a German called Peter Henlein. Now it’s time for my break and a cup of that rather old fashioned drink, called tea.

This blog was narrated on my Apple Watch series 4