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When it comes to dining table shape, the options are many. From Round, Rectangular to Square and Oval, dining tables come in many shapes. From all of them, Round and Rectangular Dining Tables are the most popular.

As we all know that the Dining Table is the focal point of a dining room, it’s really very important to choose the one that not only suits your space but also your lifestyle. In this article, you’ll get the great help to figure out which one works best for your dining room. Which one is ideal for your dining room? Round or Rectangular. However, both Round or Rectangular dining table has their own benefits and also some drawbacks. So, let’s get started: Round Dining Tables Vs Rectangular Dining Tables

Perks of Round Dining Table

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1. Round Dining Tables is a great solution for a smaller room because of their round shaped and spacious legroom, they create a welcoming, friendly and comfortable dining room environment. If you frequently arrange small gatherings, it’s also good for social factors means everyone can see everyone else, better conversation.

2. Round Tables don’t have sharp edges, so we can say that it’s a good option for small families with young children.

3. Round Tables work well for playing games or board games because they provide a central area and easily reachable for all members.

4. Choose a round shaped dining table with extendable leaf, so you can expand the table when you have more guests in your home.

5. Most of the round tables have a single leg instead of four legs provide more legroom for people.

6. Round Tables takes very less space, right option for smaller size homes.

Perks of Rectangular Dining Table

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1. The rectangular dining table is the most common one. A reason behind this, because the shape of the most of the dining room is also rectangular.

2. Rectangular dining tables are perfect for a large gathering, it allows more than 4 people to join the table.

3. Another advantage of Rectangular Shape Dining Table, you can place rectangular dining tables against the walls without disturbing their functionality which is not possible with round shaped dining tables.

4. It leaves more space for traffic flow, which is difficult with other shape dining tables.

5. With Rectangular dining tables, you can also save space by using dinner benches that you can push under the table after dinner.

6. Rectangular dining tables are known to be very practical, functional and versatile.

In a Nutshell

A round Table is a great option, with some clear advantages. As they have a singular leg, provide more legroom for diners, better for social factors, provides more comfort. It is true that round tables offer great space for small get together as all diners are seating on the same distance.

Rectangular dining tables are most common because the majority of Dining Room shapes are rectangular which shows that its practical, functional and versatile furniture. On the other hand, it provides more space for the diners. If we’re tight on space we can place the table against the wall that we can’t do with a round table.

Both round and rectangular shape dining tables have their own importance and drawbacks. You need to figure out which one is best for your space. A Selection of dining table depends upon your space size, numbers of diners and your personal style.

Original Source- The Furnshop

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