My high school is gone

Although I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the Santa Monica area, I have now spent the majority of my life and educational life in the San Fernando Valley. From 6th to 12th grade I attended a private Christian school in Granada Hills that does not exist any more.

An ad for the now Heritage Christian school located on the then Hillcrest Christian school.

The buildings still stand at the same address but the school’s new paint, logo, and name give it the different feel it was meant to have. What was once Hillcrest Christian School is now branded as Heritage Christian. About four years ago the school bought out fellow private Christian school Los Angeles Baptist. The schools inevitably became one, the Hillcrest Eagles and the Los Angeles Baptist Knights became the Heritage Warriors.

The former LA Baptist Knights gym

It was a primarily white school but had plenty of diversity. In fact the school was so small almost half of my senior class was white, I know that cause I opened my old yearbook and counted. With a senior class of 46, 22 students of which are white, including myself.

The Heritage campuses are less than three miles apart.

Hispanics make up a large portion of the San Fernando Valley but our class only had five.

The school was private so most students were upper middle class if not high class.



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