How I worked as a musician to pay off my MBA.

For those artists, musicians, producers and anyone else trying to make it in the music business here are some tips on how I moved to a new state and started hustling to get gigs in order to pay off my MBA.

It was a dream to have an MBA, I always knew that I wanted to achieve this goal and so after my day job relocated from California to Oklahoma, I found myself in a rock and country music state. I knew that there were opportunities because I was going to be a bigger fish in a small pond since not a lot of people played the saxophone there.

I immediately started a contact plan of all the different restaurants and venues within a 25 mile radius and started actively every day trying to contact the owners and or assistant managers: sending pictures, video, my website also mailing them CDs and after about six months of doing this the contact plan expanded to 200 different restaurants, wineries and venues. I started to see progress because I was being asked to perform one day or two dates a month at these places and I sold them that I wanted to play more consistently so that people could tell their friends of the performance and the Fanbase could grow. It’s important to always change up your songs so that you don’t get stale in these places good after a couple times if you hearing that of them hearing you they they will get tired and you want to keep yourself fresh another thing that I did was I only spent 10% of the money that I made so 90% of it every month would go straight to the my MBA school. I will get one gig out of 10 phone calls. I also try to sell my CD’s, t-shirts anything that I could to you know once one customer bought a CD they would be more inclined to buy a T-shirt or hat or something else so I try to have some products out there for people and then those gigs of those restaurants in those venues turned into private engagements. I stayed active and after about a year I was one of the regularly working musicians in that 25 mile radius and then I just simply did the same thing open it up to 50 mile radius and I can puzzling.

None of this would be possible without the love and support of my family. I have an amazing wife (Rachel) and kids that know my soul is in music. I hope your dreams take you far in music. You can do it!

If you’re interested in more details or if I can help you at all please email me, check on my music on iTunes & as well as my website and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, anchor and medium.

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