Why Being Type A is a Surefire Way to Lose at Life
Brandon Evans

Very well put. As humanity surrenders to being present to the wholeness that we are, the Oneness that we are, and the divine order of the universe/universal then we surrender to the flow of life — and what a beautiful ride it is. Why? how? What about free will? The greatest gift is sovereignty (a unique perspective and free will to choose how to experience it). The greatest use of that gift is to surrender (as you put it) to the flow of the universal — which is just a big picture way of saying we reconnect to and follow the guidance of the wholeness that we are. You ARE you the universe. You ARE the creator. You ARE the divine plan. It’s fun as hell to get on board… and often a little scary. Especially while we are in transition from the old matrix reality of ego-driven selfishness to the new beginnings energies that hold with them the seed of an entire new reality for humanity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts more deeply… let’s connect and riff. Maybe we can even create some media ;)

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