JFI DAO, Who Ranked 1st on OKEX Voting for Listing, Tributes to Bitcoin by Announcing No More Management Authority and No Extra Token Supply After Liquidity Mining.

JFI, founded by a group of programmers and product managers, is inspired by YFI project. It provides the DeFi Aggregator Protocol to maximize users’ liquidity mining revenue. Based on TRON network, JFI shares the advantages of faster transactions, lowers gas fees, etc.

While JFI is the first liquidity mining project on TRON, JFI DAO is the first DAO on TRON. There are no pre-mine and no ICO. Every single JFI token can only be gained by liquidity mining. …

We are a team of coders and product managers. We are influenced by the design philosophy of Andre Conje, the creator behind YFI. YFI once achieved as high as 2000% APR and still remains 100+% APR for some time. We think YFI is a really cool idea, and we borrowed it and redesigned JFI, a yield farming profit maximiser protocol on Justswap. JFI is deployed on the Tron network, starting with several pools on JustSwap. …



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