The Black Sun

Came upon me slow
his rays seeping into my being
pore by pore into every corner
with the speed of having found
something familiar
that smell, that taste, those eyes…
seeking the rooh of something that once
rightfully belonged to him.

I did not try to fathom
the blackness of his radiance
that the world taints
that the world cannot bear to see in
anything but yellow
seeping slow as he arrived
the glass doors of my soul
opened for the first time
unguided, untouched.

He entered
expecting white walls
and expecting to turn grey
as he would merge in me.

But we turned
a darker shade
of Black.

He was blinded
for eons
even before he saw her
he walked into the grey room.
It was just as he expected
only she knew that he was colour blind.
they lay there staring at the ceiling
she whispered in his ears
he spoke no more.

~ Juthsy.

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