Midterm: Artiste name: Moelogo

Moelogo is a British-Nigerian musician based in the U.K. He is into Afrobeats and Afropop music. Afrobeats being a style of music which emanates from West Africa, which got it’s influence from Fela Kuti.

Moelogo has been around for couple of years now, and from my observations since I got to know about him about 3years ago when he came to Finland, I noticed his incremental growth.

Following his online presence, he is active with about 6,000 followers on Facebook, 37,000 on Twitter which is a verified account, and about 21,200 on Instagram, which is also a verified account too.

Mostly he talks about himself on his posts, his music and his daily life. He appears to be genuine and real with his music and what he talks about. You can easily see what he is up to from just checking his Instagram and other platforms.

He has been nominated for MOBO awards this year, has had some collaborations with some top Afrobeats acts from Nigeria and in the U.K and recently he featured on a track with Jonas Blue who is a big name in the U.K music scene.

From my observations, he has started to get some really good shows in the UK, in venues like the Wembley Arena. He is a sensation to watch out for and his E.P was recently premiered on the FADER magazine. I do not think he has started that process of actually getting his followers involved with him as a brand aside from asking them to buy and stream his music or vote.

He doesn’t have a website, so probably not collecting emails which is not an uncommon thing in the Afrobeats music scene. A whole lot of them do not have websites and they rarely do merchandize. It is probably due to lack of a good management or just not being aware of how powerful this things could mean for their brands.

One thing I think he is doing well is, getting media attention which I feel he might have good contacts for that. In terms of communication, I think he could actually engage his followers in a more active way, he can already start running his merchandise for sure and also create a website for himself which he will have control over, he should also create an email list which will give him direct access to his fans.

He can create a movement and lifestyle for people that really care about his music and are following him.

My opinion is that he still got work to do with how to be in control of his fans and have direct access to them, he can already be on his way to his next level if he incorporates some of the things we were taught in class which I just mentioned.

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