The Most Important Month In The Next 10,000 Years: This February In Texas

Senator Bernie Sanders fights for Justice, Planet Earth, and all its citizens.

“These ten years are likely to be the most important ten years in the next 10,000 years for the planet and human freedom.” — Sylvia Earle (one of the world’s leading oceanographers)

I am a New Yorker (but born/raised Midwesterner), who was about to take an exotic Caribbean vacation, but decided instead to go to Texas for February for something so much more exciting, so more important, history-making, urgently needed, and also truly more invigorating to one’s heart and soul than any vacation in any foreign country I could ever imagine.
My sudden change of heart and epiphany started when I finally stopped my autopilot Internet startup CEO lifestyle for a few minutes to meditate and consider the logical implications of a quote from Sylvia Earle, one of the world’s leading oceanographers: “The next 10 years will be the most important 10 years in the next 10,000 years for the planet,” which refers to the incredibly rapid destruction of ocean life due to ocean acidification (OA), as well as to the rapid rate of species extinction due to OA and the Global Warming crisis in general.

Knowing what I know about technology today, thanks to Edward Snowden’s revelations, coupled with the recent Oxfam report on how 162 families now own more wealth than 3.5 billion humans (half the world’s population) and a recent NYTimes investigation showing that 158 American families fund half of all our Presidential candidates’ coffers (Sanders, thank God, excepted), I think it would be equally accurate to extend her quote to say:

“These next 10 years will be the most important 10 years in the next 10,000 years for our chances of restoring democracy to America, safeguarding basic human rights, and preventing generations of a horrific Orwellian-Brave New World.”
I think her insight is correct, and it is shared today by almost all scientists — at least those who have not already given up on nature’s chances of survival. If you doubt it, given the precautionary principle, we should all act as if it is correct.

It next hit me that logically, since February will be the most important month (March 2nd — Super Tuesday — being when 11 primaries occur), to determine who in fact will be the Democratic Party’s nominee, and Texas the most important of Super Tuesday states (by far with largest number of Convention delegates), then quite logically, this coming month in the state of Texas will arguably be the most important, most influential single month in these next 10,000 years, the next 120,000 months.

So, it has become logically very clear to me that the most meaningful, urgent, and biggest potential impact-for-good course of action I can take with my life for the next month, at this incredible and most influential moment in our species’ history for saving the planet, democracy and basic human rights, would be to go to Texas to help Bernie Sanders win there. Fanciful, or magical thinking? Hardly. He’s already attracted record-setting numbers of volunteers there, though thousands more are still needed, and polls show him consistently more electable than Hillary Clinton against the top 3 GOP candidates for the 2016 Presidential election.

If we are to be able to do what needs to be done during these next 10 years — to quickly bring the fossil fuel industry to its knees, and stop our addiction to the constant pumping and burning of new oil, while simultaneously rapidly replacing it via a “Green Marshall plan” for rapid development of sufficient solar, wind, and tidal sources, then logically this coming year, in terms of who becomes the Presidential and Congressional leaders of this nation — a sin qua non to accomplishing the Green Marshall plan, will logically therefore be the most important single year in these next 10,000 years.
To make this an even more awesome and invigorating “vacation,” I know the journey itself will be marvelous, whether or not Sanders wins, because the most vibrant Democrats I’ve ever met in America were the Democrats from Texas. I believe it takes a bit more confidence, or courage of one’s convictions, to stand up against the strong Republican mentality that has so overtaken that state.

SO ACT NOW: Go to to find a Texas office where you can volunteer. Showdown time is March 1st. Helping out NOW will be 2–4x more effective than waiting for the last week in February.

Gary Krane, Ph.D.

Gary Krane, Ph.D. — For more than 40 years, I’ve devoted my life, mostly full-time, to social justice and environmental activism, as a high donor fundraiser, investigative PBS filmmaker, book author, strategist, organizer, and social venture entrepreneur. View My Resume Here.

REMEMBER PLEASE (there’s just too much at stake to forget this):

“These ten years are likely to be the most important ten years in the next 10,000 years for the planet and human freedom.” — Sylvia Earle

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