There is No Way in Hell Dak Prescott Should Be Replaced

The Dallas Cowboys have a special thing going… Now this is being written as I am watching Prescott pick apart the Bengals secondary (currently 5 of 6 with a rushing TD and has led two masterful drives for scores). I am sure as soon as I publish this story he will go out and throw his first pick of the year, because thats how journalism works. But for now, this is an incredible start to the season for a team that has stuck in mediocrity for far too long.

I love watching the Cowboys be surrounded by hype and then be painfully average. I love watching Romo have a good game one week and completely implode the next. I love hearing Skip Bayless be confident about “America’s Team” and be wrong. But what they are doing with these two rookies in the backfield is somehow just as enjoyable.

The default term for a quarterback who probably shouldn’t be out there but still does okay is “poised”. I have heard Prescott described as “poised” about 200 times in the past 4 weeks. He is one of the only guys that I hear that about and then watch him and say wow. He actually makes the right decision on almost every play. Hasn’t made mistakes. He is as steady as the weather in California, and Romo makes fans feel like they’re waiting to see if Hurricane Matthew is going to hit them or not.

When your go to quarterback throws 5 picks in a primetime game, or screws up holding a kick in the playoffs, or any of the routinely stupid things Tony Romo does, it’s time to find someone a little more reliable. If the Boys don’t stick with Prescott even when Romo is healthy then Jerry Jones is just as bad at managing a team as I think he is.

P.S. As I’m writing this I am watching Roger Staubach eat potato chips on TV during a football game, as if I care. Get it together, CBS.