An hour into Transistor…

I’m currently only an hour into Transistor, but I can say without a doubt that I am loving it completely. It’s kind of like Bastion, which I also loved completely, but with a cyberpunk aesthetic. And it has so many questions that we need answering: What is the Transistor sword, and why does it talk? What did the main character Red do, and why is Transistor stabbed into a man at the start, which Red has to pull out in a rather grisly fashion? So many questions instantly, it game instantly gives us such a good hook.

The combat’s also incredibly well done, I just did my first boss battle, and it was the perfect mix of both challenging and fun. Kind of like Bastion’s combat system but a bit slower, with a more turn based mechanic to it. You have a bar along the top of the screen, and when you press spacebar you can pause time and plan out your attacks using four attacks you can preselect checkpoints. Each of these moves can be used to make combos. One of my favorites is to generate bombs, then blast them into enemies, then speed away from the bombs so I’m not in the radius.

It would be a shame to leave out the best bit of the game but Transistor also has an incredibly good music score, it’s worth the game alone just for the music.

I also like slight little touches, like how the Transistor is too big for Red to carry, so she has to drag it. Solid game, at least in this first hour.

And most people tell me its good past the first hour.

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