So, I’m going to tell you some heresy now. I would recommend you watch Fate/Zero in between Fate/Unlimited Blade Works Season 1 and Unlimited Blade Works Season 2.

Put the pitchforks down already, there is a reason other then just plain heresy. People have been enraged just by the suggestion that you should watch Zero before Unlimited Blade Works because that spoils some of the twists in UBW. And of course my seemingly illogical order will also make absolutely no sense and probably enrage many, many people.

The reason is Gilgamesh. Blame him.

Gilgamesh, the Mesopotamian King of Heroes, the origin of every hero and weapon in the Fate series and who’s character deviates in the Visual Novel from “Notice me Saber-Senpai” in the Fate route to “I just want to kill everyone” in Unlimited Blade Works.

In Season 1 of Unlimited Blade Works we see a few peeks of Gilgamesh here and there, but he is simply a blond guy who we see a few times here and there. It is not until Season 2 that he actually becomes important. He becomes the main antagonist… and he’s just there. No explanation is given as to why he’s there, or even how he’s there, considering he was not summoned as one of the seven heroic spirits summoned.

Unless, however you watch Fate/Zero, then you know exactly why he’s there. You know his background, his place in the war, his power. Even the power of his super magic sword that Shirou can’t replicate in Unlimited Blade Works.

Ducks a flaming arrow. Now now, come on, the order’s not that tyrannical is it now? For explaining one of the biggest plot points in the entire show, you have to admit the order does make some kind of sense. Consider it youself.

Originally published at valiantghost.com.

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