For no particular reason and that it looked cool, I watched the Hellsing anime on Animelab, and following a recommendation from one of my friends watched Hellsing Ultimate. Both are extremely good, but it can be said without a doubt that Ultimate is the better one, its funnier, featuring many better animated scenes and better all together better story, especially if you don’t care about some ultra-violence and other incredibly dark themes.

But I think that the original Hellsing is still an anime worth watching. Most people will point out that’s it style and opening music were better, buts that about it. Most people don’t even seem to consider Seras into the thought. In the original, her development to a vampire is much more developed compared to the rather rushed way it is done in Ultimate. Rather spoilerific: In the original we are shown over multiple episodes Seras’ reluctance to drink blood but eventually does out of necessity, while after around 30 minutes into Ultimate she nearly licks gore off her hands. This more human aspect to Seras is arguably what makes the original worth watching as well as Ultimate.

Sidenote: It may also just be because I like human-turns-into-monster stories. The story of the original is much weaker then Ultimate, especially towards the end, but the thirteen episodes are only around 20 minutes each, meaning you could reasonably knock this out in a few evenings as I did.

Originally published at valiantghost.com.