My Homescreen

This is a thing people do right? We share the Home screens of our mobile devices? I’ve redesigned my personal Home screen for as much minimalism as possible. As Android does not require you to have literally every app displayed on the home screen, I can cut away at the apps I never use for the ones I do.

The layout itself is designed for how I hold my phone. While these are all the apps I use frequently, the ones on the right are the apps I use more frequently . In my dock I follow the rules of my phone using lifestyle, with my favorite apps that use internet, reddit is fun, Inbox, Discord and Twidere are on the left of the screen, out of comfortable thumb reach, while Jotterpad and Simplenote are on the right, where I can tap them easily5.

In the row above the dock and The Sabers are the apps I use slightly less frequently than the docked apps, but not infrequently enough to be placed in The Draw, that horrible place no apps hope to go — The land of all apps hardly gleaned at except in the direst of times. The only real offline app there is Instapaper, which I use way more than I probably should.

I really quite like this layout, as opposed to the KLWP theme I used for six months. The minimal, clean approach is really attractive, and the wallpaper is viewable at nearly all times.

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