My list of the best Saberface’s

  1. Saber of Red/Mordred — Firstly, incredibly cute, even though she’d probably punch me in the face for saying that. The inbred homunculi ‘son’ of Arturia and her sister Morgana, she embodies everything Arturia isn’t and I love her for it. Arturia is too damn bland, I get that this is meant to be in line with the image of a brave and valiant Knight, but I just can’t find this characterisation interesting. Now Mordred on the other hand, she interests me like crazy. She has very little of a care for chivalry, and even the art of swordplay is something she could care less for. When it comes to a fight, she could be classed in the Berserker class with little to no change to her, I doubt even Mad Enchantment could do to a normal servant what Mordred does on her own. Throwing her sword to impale an enemy, biting, kicking, punching, none of these are above Mordred. Read Apocrypha if you need some more Mordred in your life.
  2. Sakura Saber — The Fate series has a tendency for turning some of histories most famous men into females. Sakura Saber is no different. Just like Arturia is a female King Arthur Sakura Saber is the female Souji Okita, Captain of the Shinsengumi. You could call her a glass cannon, but she’s more like a glass nuke. At any random time, her skills could drop at any time, due to Okita’s death by Tuberculosis. She also suffers from a low magic resistance uncommon other the Saber class. However, it never seems to stop her, and she’s surprisingly resilient. And a straight out murder machine in Grand Order.
  3. Red Saber/Nero — Based on the mad emperor Nero, this Saber flaunts her sexuality like crazy, and Typemoon does nothing to hide it, releasing different versions of her with as much skin as they can expose. The front of her dress is transparent, but it is not see through, she is letting you see. I may be incredibly biased as she was the first Saberface I unlocked in Grand Order, but I love this Saber. In the game she is tanky as hell, having the most health and being able to take the most damage. But what I love most about her is her sword. The irregularly shaped flaming sword Aestus Estus: The Original Flame is perhaps one of the best weapon designs I have ever seen in the Fate series, up there with Ea, and Photon Ray.
  4. Mysterious Hero X — Artoria as an Assassin and using some sweet LightSabers. She’s a joke character, meant to be Arturia in a bad disguise. And despite all of Arturia’s goals, MHX has only one. To wipe out all the other Highlander’s Saberface’s. Hell, she could be reading this list to get an idea of her targets.
  5. Joan of Arc Alter — Rather than being a Servant who was corrupted by the Holy Grail into an Alter version like Artoria Alter (below) Joan of Arc Alter was created by Gilles De Rais’ wishes and dreams for Joan to come back, through the Holy Grail. The resurrected and corrupted Joan is a bit different from Joan in her life, due to Gilles rather biased view of her. For one she can control dragons. She also seeks to avenge herself, leading to her packing the unique Avenger class, only held by her, the Count of Monte Cristo and All the World’s Evil. To my mind, a way cooler version of Joan.
  6. Saber Alter — Arturia turned… well not evil but different by the corruption inside the Holy Grail. Both her armor and sword are blackened to the same color as my soul while her ideals also change from shining bright white to darker. She becomes more cynical, abandoning the ideals of Arturia, those of valor and knighthood and all things knight in shining armor-y, for a much more nihilistic idea that a heroes power is to simply cut away the enemy with all her power. She also comes in a Santa form, which is always good. And will only eat junk food.
  7. Joan of Arc — A good support in GO, a bit bland otherwise. Rather than being summoned as a normal servant during one of the Holy Grail Wars, she possesses the body of a young teenage French girl and adopts the Ruler class. With these limitations, she cannot turn into spirit form as most servants can, and she also must eat, drink and sleep like a normal human would. Just like the original Joan of Arc she is very pious, praying to God every day.
  8. Saber Lily — A younger, cuter, more innocent Saber from before she drew Excalibur, not yet burdened down by the ideals of becoming the king that Britain needs. While she’s fairly… useless in Grand Order, she is adorable.
  9. Artoria Lancer Alter — Apparently lacking Excalibur and picking up a Rhongomyniad, the holy spear she used to slay Mordred, makes her “increase in proportion.” So yes, she gets big boobs. As she’s an Alter, I’m guessing there’s a normal version coming eventually.
  10. Saber Lion — Arturia wearing a lion suit. Still waiting for her to be added in GO, I was kind of disappointed she wasn’t added during April Fools.

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