’Tis the season to be jolly…

Taken from The Sun (https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/1603476/premier-league-pressure-has-never-been-hotter-at-the-top-as-seven-managers-start-the-battle-for-ultimate-prize/)

This weekend marked the beginning of what could be considered one of the most exciting seasons (in a very long time) for any Premier League fan. Add to that Mourinho embarking on his much-sought-after United journey and you can safely say that the art of weekend-idling that I had mastered over the last few years after Manchester United’s boooo-ring (and unsuccessful) seasons has now officially come to an end.

Day four of #JPsLateNightScribbles

Yes, the Premier League is possibly the only incendiary I would allow to mess with my devoted career as an idler. And this season, as you might have noticed, is all about successful silverware-winning-ninjas and their massive egos: Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte, Ranieri, Wenger, Klopp and Pochettino. It’s going to be a bloody war, if you ask me.

Now let’s talk about Mourinho; booted out of Chelsea FC, he has a lot to fight for this season. To think that the manager most United fans loathed at some point in their lives is now at the helm of their beloved team is sometimes hard to believe. In that same breath though, it would be close to impossible to entrust the responsibility to anyone else, at this stage. In fact, taking on a Ferguson’s legacy (and two failed managers we’d like to forget) is a task he seems to be enthusiastic about. What I look forward to the most though, after Sunday’s win against B0urnemouth, is watching Mourinho develop positive dynamics with the players, especially lacklustre Rooney (who needs to be benched more, seriously!) By signing on stars such as Ibrahimovic and Pogba, Mourinho has definitely gotten fans like me buzzing with excitement this season.

Mourinho’s nemesis Guardiola is in the bloodbath too! You’re telling me you’re not rubbing your hands with glee at the mere thought of these two throwing jibes at each other for the next nine months? Well, I am! Guardi0la’s often been accused of not being able to beat his top-level opponents, priding himself on dominating interior positions. His need to always leave a legacy behind and his rivalry with Mourinho will be an exciting added touch to Manchester City’s games this season. Rumour has it that Guardiola’s gone as far as changing players’ sleeping routines, handing them nuts to snack on after games and forcing the players to have early dinners together — a hands-on approach we hope will add onto to the team spirit.

Ranieri is I believe now a man to look out this season: enabling a relegation-fearing team to win the premier league is possibly one of the most outlandish premier league success stories that will ever exist. Leicester Square’s need to preserve the title this season combined with other top-tiered teams is dire: will it be a flash in the pan win or can Ranieri live up to the hype? Or was it that last season was of a low standard, as a whole?

Chelsea’s Conte on the other hand, has used Ranieri’s belief in his team as an example for his players to follow. The former Italy boss believes that every premier league match this season will be tough, as he looks to put an unsuccessful season behind them. But what’s garnering him the most attention since his signing as Chelsea coach is his need to learn English so as to communicate with his players and the media: and the reputed workohalic has apparently been studying English “with intensity” as a way to embrace his new life in London. Will Chelsea bounce back from their below-par season? With Conte’s positive and upward start of a new challenge, Chelsea could in fact be in for a big season.

Wenger, now under fire after an opening defeat to Liverpool, is under scrutiny for not having acquired enough talent this summer. Wenger has never been one to believe in succumbing to modern football’s constant demand of new players every season. He does believe Arsenal have a lot to work on in terms of their finishing, but with a current defensive crisis on their hands, will Wenger be more proactive and less reactive by adding on reinforcements to his team? We certainly hope so for them.

Klopp has been a breath of fresh air at Liverpool: fans have longed for a feeling of hope considering the team’s struggles to keep up with the competitive standards of the premier league. Liverpool haven’t won a league title since 1990 and Klopp’s positive, humble and focused spirit is one that is surely and slowly rubbing off on players. Today’s win against Arsenal is testament to “The Klopp” and the hardwork he has put into bringing Liverpool’s football to a higher, more competitive level. He believes in bringing the squad together in harmony as opposed to signing star players who could disrupt the dynamic of the team. This season is one of renewed hope at Anfield and they’ve certainly started off with a bang.

And finally, Mauricio Pochettino — a hardworking manager who does not believe in mind games and who is rarely seen flustered. Since his appointment as manager of the Spurs, he transformed the team into title contenders, a feat that supporters are now relying on for this season too. The team now is in the Champions League with a strong homegrown core and the credit goes with Pochettino, a man who inherited an unmotivated team and turned it into a cohesive united squad. He even plans to go further by holding onto his best youngsters instead of loaning them out to other coaches is one he plans to hold onto again this year. He prefers instilling his values into the players until they become deserving and qualified enough to play in his first team.

Yes, this season’s going to be RIDICULOUS so get your popcorn and beers ready for this is the only ever war one could possibly be excited about!