Sharing Good News

I strictly avoid the second kind. No exceptions to the rule. He could be the cutest guy on earth and I still don’t give him bhaav.

It’s the first kind that has me confused and quite a bit agitated tbh.

You see, I am unable to distinguish between the genuine critics who have pertinent insights, improvements, suggestions to offer and those that simply wait for an opportunity to whine.

What is worse, like a broken clock that shows the correct time twice a day, I seem to have followed these WSHC handles at the point when they were right. Now I am not sure if I agree with them or disagree with them. As in, to an extent they are right, of course. But they are a package deal. Wish i could reject the entire package.

There are a third kind… which only I seem to be having a problem with. These are guys who are mostly right, almost always, but they are abusive and use filthy language which I have a problem with.

Eg. One so called RW, countering an infamous RL said… he’d shit on his GF’s face if he wishes to. That that’s his prerogative and right. And a lot of RW ‘adarsh naaris’ were cheering him.

I could not stand the person.Checked his other tweets. They were of a similar nature, muted him right away. But what about all those anaadarsh-naaris cheering him? 
It was not said with sarcasm or joke. It was him using offensive paraphilia as a show of RW masculinity which distrubed me. And it was said in a vile language.

I may not agree with snowflake feminists, but this is gross. If being a part of RW means, I have sit and listen to this crap, I rather not be any wing.

Now I am not able to decide if I should ban these non-hypocritical/abusive handles for their language or continue to follow them for their insight. These guys make my BP rise.