How the Worm Turns

They haven’t changed their loyalty yet. Have to give them that.

On the contrary, I see a lot of Modi-bhakts openly criticizing him. I don’t have objection to him being questioned? He should be, after all, no one should be deified such that we cannot even question him. But to my limited understanding, this seems more a case of sour grapes than genuine criticism.

  1. Did not get a ministerial position… let us turn anti-modi.
  2. Our personal agenda was not fulfilled… let us turn anti-modi.
  3. Did something for those we consider less important than us… let us turn anti-modi.

This let us criticize Modi has so many shades now, it’s hard to discern the genuine critics from the whinners. And what’s worse, the real modi haters cash in on it.

Karo toh gaali. Naa karo, toh bhii gaali.

I would not want to be in Modi ji shoes for all that he has to see/read/face/feel/do. :(