I went across a state line to write this

By Bumble Dee, licensed through Shutterstock

Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on Friday of any wrongdoing by a court of law and a jury of his peers, who recognized that he had a right to defend himself. Whether we agree or not with the laws of the state of Wisconsin, or with what we assume…

And underneath, a web of lies

Jess was feeling good, the tequila sweeping through her mind like a high tide, washing away everything she didn’t want to think about. She saw the turnoff at the side of the road and pointed.

“There it is, Annie. Can you see it in…

Bon voyage and thanks for the tip, Dad

By valkird through Shutterstock

I wrote this last year and submitted it to a personal essay contest. It took forever to hear results and I didn’t win that contest, either. lol. I’m posting it here because I think it deserves a place somewhere other than hidden…

Where I write about stupid stuff to speak out against government overreach

Simulation of the thought process of the IRS trying to figure out why people are putting their money into bitcoin and mattresses. Photo by Funtap through Shutterstock

1. A vet bill. Our cat was on the deck and started hacking and gagging in great distress, so we rushed her to the emergency vet. It cost us $650 dollar to find out she swallowed a cicada. We think she did it on purpose. We have a theory that…

Girl boss is dead

Elizabeth Holmes, the blond, blue-eyed, non-blinking former wunderkind of Silicon Valley, is on trial for mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. The former founder and CEO of Theranos convinced the world she could design a blood-testing device that would revolutionize the health care industry by allowing hundreds of…

Where we explore my husband’s love for an inanimate object

What my husband fantasizes he looks like in the new SUV. Picture by paultarasenko, through Shutterstock

He named it. I mean her. Her pronouns are she and her. Her name is Emma, and she speaks in an English accent. I’m not sure why my husband chose English for our new car’s voice among the plethora of choices available, but I know he had teenage lust for…

They’ve seen Jurassic Park, right?

A genetically engineered pseudo-mammoth posing for a picture and showing off the fence it built from trees it cleared from the Tundra. (Not really. But maybe in the future!) Photo by Pradabrown through Shutterstock.

It’s okay, they have good intentions. And good intentions mean everything will work out fine, right? Wait..who’s that in the back saying something about the road to hell? It’s obvious you’re a Luddite who doesn’t understand that science is always right and if we can…

Love gone wrong is hard to swallow

By Joanne Dale through Shutterstock

The Sauvignon Blanc was losing its chill, and the salad was most likely wilting into a pile of inedible mush. Perhaps he should have brought a Malbec or a Pinot Noir, and a cheese to compliment the wine. …

Where I Learn That Uma Thurman and I Have Something in Common

By Alexandre Zveiger, through Shutterstock. This is not a picture of me, but it’s how I identify when I am laundering or writing for medium.

We cashed in our frequent flyer miles for a luxury washer and dryer. This is one of those tests to see if you’re old. Would you rather: A) fly to France for free and have wine and a…

K.D. Burrows

Author of Bittersharp, a Southern Gothic ghost story. Freelance writer, alchemist, clockwinder, mudlark, ressurectionist, and teller of tall tales.

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