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Alright Jennifer, that’s fair (laughing). So I’m editing my original cryptic one-liner to elaborate …

That’s a hard question! I guess it depends on what you are trying to achieve? Are you responding out of pure anger or irritation? Are you responding to “end discussion?” Are you responding to contribute educational/personal experience, otherwise to enrich the discussion? It’s what I ask myself. And sometimes I am angry anyway (laughing), but I’d always like to enrich. Sometimes it’s a combination!

I think you should respond if you think you can handle yourself, not really the other person if that makes sense. If you can handle yourself in the face of the unknown of how someone else will react and continue to react if you continue to engage.

It’s ironic. Your arguer pointed out how culture surrounds nobody telling the truth and truly expressing how they feel (laughing). And while I understand that everyone can’t be like that, I agree with him.