Suffering From Rampant Individualism?
Joe Brewer

Hi Joe,

Interesting read. I guess it depends on which definition of individualism one is choosing. The individualism that is spoken of in this piece is the negative kind. Also, there are many factors that contribute to this kind of “individualism”, like sociopathy, like organic disorders, like poor guardianship. There are still yet people who are deeply dysfunctional but still function well in groups, and the actual group is deeply dysfunctional. I actually came to despise groups and associated group-thinking because of a childhood filled with people who had a sense of connection with one another, but who were all deeply disturbed. Like you, I became the opposite of what I hated.

I’m pretty pro-individualist, in the Emerson sense, in the sense that I think for myself and take personal responsibility for who I am and my actions. Though I am alone quite often, I never feel lonely, but I do feel alone sometimes in how I think. But I do not have anything against groups. It is oftentimes groups that have something against me. What happens when groups do not function for the common good?

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