Something that’s often overlooked in these conversations is how powerless “white” people feel about…
Mark H

Hi Mark H

You are right. I get the powerlessness. I’m no dummy to both arguments, and I am empathetic. My personal sarcasm comes from how these issues are being addressed. It seems like the same rubric is being used in many cases:

Hey guys, here’s my picture and video of powerless naked or dead black people because I feel really bad so let’s do something. OK, m’bye.


What pieces like that do is push whites further into white guilt and blacks further into victimization. Extremely left/right leaning stances come nowhere close to addressing the extreme complexity of racial issues. Painting all these blacks as extreme victims is not accurate. It is damaging. So then what you see is what happened: defensive whites flocking to comment about how black people kill black people too. And then he mocks a majority of the people who do not agree. Let’s be more smart about how we argue certain issues, is my thing.

Hot button issues are not a game. People are very wound about about certain issues, and there is nothing more frustrating than when someone comes along and adds nothing but the fuel of obviousness or opinion. Kick some facts or some knowledge that’ll enlighten the issue. When it comes to certain issues, I’m just like listen, man, either drop some knowledge or don’t say anything. That’s just me, individually, of course.

My angle is not personal hell-fire damnation anger at white people or the complete defense of blacks because individuals from both camps contribute to the mess, but I, personally, have read some really great pieces by white people who were just like, look, I know shit is fucked up, but, here, read this book, or, here, this is what I was thinking when I contributed to racism and then reflected. They came with something. That piece by Whimsagogy was amazing. About how racism keeps white people in just as much as it keeps browns out. Good stuff.