If I Were a Black Man or a Black Woman
Jeffrey Field

OK, so you as a ‘white man’, post a picture of 2 black people in chains, having sex, and then … *breathe* Kindra, write a poem about how color doesn’t count?


I’ll tell you how you, and any of these other frothing-at-the-mouth reactionaries, can “help” ‘black’ people instead of writing about ‘helping’ ‘black’ people since the focus seems to be, yet again, on ‘black’ people instead of … of … you know … those people.


I wonder how many of these people have picketed in their own neighborhoods? I wonder how many of you have attended the funerals of these non-whites? I wonder how many of you have started Kickstarters to contribute to families?

I don’t personally know you, so I just want to make it clear that I am attacking your post. I don’t consider blocking people, man, because I think it’s really not necessary, but I have honestly un-followed good writers because of the trash I sometimes inherit in my feed. Frothing-at-the-mouth trash. Some of these “allies” are loonier than the racists!

'Rise up or die’? Inciting a riot. This is sick.

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