It’s Never The Right Time To Create

I’ve spent the last 3 months trying to find “inspiration" to write this very post. Every idea that has past my mind never seems to fit the bill. The ideas just aren’t perfect enough. Usually after staring at the screen long enough without an approved idea I shift my focus to something else (usually my Facebook feed) and dive into the world wide web or some form of social media, only to get lost in the distraction never to return to writing.

Does this happen to you? Do you find that you just can’t put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard? No matter how good your intentions are you just can’t follow through?

Don’t worry it’s normal. All of us and I repeat ALL of us feel this way. The place between wanting and doing is a misty place. We all know what we want and some of us have gotten as far as to know what steps to take to get it. So why don’t our dreams and goals ever come into forwishen? Simple.

We underestimate the time it’ll take to achieve our goals and eventually give up completely.

Before I continue, as I reference “time” I’m referring not only to the actual time, i.e. specific date that we want this goal to be completed but also the time it takes to acquire the skills, mindsets and habits that contribute to success. For most of us we look at our goals by dates. We say “I want to be a millionaire by 35"; “ I want to lose 50 pounds by September"; “I want to quit my job by January" but how many of us look at the prerequisites for success for any of these goals?

Each goals requires several things I like to call sub-habits that lead us to reaching out goals. Sub-habits for weight loss by January require a completely different approach to how we see food, workout and even view our body. A sub-habit for quitting a job by January requires a realistic review of our finances, a doable plan to generate income and an understanding of what we can offer the world and what compensation we can expect, or it may just mean cutting back on the things we have now. The point:

Each sub-habits takes time in itself.

What tends to happen once we set a goal is we jump right into the steps we feel will take us to our goal without first developing the sub-habits that will make these goals attainable. This usually leads to discouragement, self doubt and eventually giving up.

So how exactly do we achieve our goals and form these desperately needed sub-habits? We create and just do!. We create anything and everything and just do it. If you want to be a writer you create content. It may be less than perfect or plain crappy but it’s one step closer to becoming the Picasso of blogging. If you want quit your job you create opportunities to generate income and do the work necessary. If you want to lose weight you create healthy eating habits and exercise habits and stick to them. The same thing goes with becoming a millionaire. To become a millionaire you would need to create a millionaire mindset and explore your creative side to pull ideas from and do the actual work.

Once we realize that the process of becoming is what really leads to success and goal achievement we will look at creation no matter how big or small as a step in the right direction. We will pay closer attention to our current habits and develop sub-habits thst are necessary for goal attainment.

Remember, the only difference between our idols, role models and influencers are their unwavering ability to create no matter how big or small.