Erlangen to Nurenberg

Bicycle trip. Summer of 2017. August 5, 2017.

Erlangen, where Sharon & Ashraf live now, is around 20 kms from Nurenberg where they lived till 2014 (daughter & son-in-law). It is hardly a distance for a cycling expedition and that explains why ‘on bicycle’ is de-emphasized in the title. What made this trip worth writing about is that I introduced Ahaan, my grandson, to the pleasures of cycling. Three generations, 30 years apart — Sudhakar (self at 69), Ashraf (Son-in-Law at 39), Ahaan (Grandson at 8) rode.

We left ‘Brahstrasse 13, Erlangen’ at 07:55 hrs on 5th August 2017. Ashraf in the lead, Ahaan in the middle and me trailing. We held that formation for the whole distance.

07:55 hrs. Wheels rolling at Brahmstrasse 13.

The Cycling experience in Germany was so different from my earlier cycling experiences in India, mostly in Kerala. Dedicated cycling lanes as against 2 lane National Highways with no room for cycles! Smooth surfaced cycling lanes as against uneven, pot-holed National Highways! No human beings to interact with as against cheerful faces wanting to chat you up anytime, anywhere! These were some of the major differences.

Just at the outskirts of Erlangen — cycling strip all to ourselves.
Crossing an autobahn (Expressway)
(L) Ashraf clicks as we pass by ‘Am Wegfield’ sign. (R) Breakfast at Bus-Tram stand at Am Wegfield
(L) Outer walls of Altstadt (old town) of Nuremberg — A walled city. (R) Crossing the erstwhile moat and entering the Altstadt
(L) At the gate of the place where Sharon lived till 2014. Bang opposite to 16th Century German Artist Albresht Durer’s house. (R) the cobbled streets of Altstadt outside Sharon’s old house.
Ashraf buying train tickets at Hauptbahnhoff, Nurenberg for our return trip

Some numbers:

Total distance on bicycle = 23 kms

Total time elapsed = 2 hrs 41 minutes

Breakfast stop = 27 minutes

Other innumerable, short stops to take in the scenery, waiting for signals to cross the road, to re-engage a slipped chain on my bicycle, etc. not reckoned.

Net time cycling = 2 hrs 14 minutes (2.23 hrs)

Average speed = 23 /2.23 = 10.3 kmph

Peak speed = 20.5 kmph (As recorded by Walkmeter App on my iPhone).

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